Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BBQ and Buddies

Last weekend we attended a graduation BBQ for Ross, the younger brother of one of Hannah's closest friends.  It was PERFECT weather, an absolute exception for June in Texas.  I was so happy they had such a glorious day for their big outdoor bash, because honestly, outdoors in June is a risky business down here.  It was sunny, so of course.......

They are new, and they complete EVERY outfit EVERY day around here.  We spied them on sale at Gymboree, and given our recent koala bear experience at the zoo, they were a must have.  Plus, they look smashing with her pink floral cowboy hat.

Anyhoo, appropriate festive eyewear in place, we headed to the bash.

Alicia and Ross have been part of our lives since Hannah was born.

One of the things I most appreciate about them is that they have very cool parents with a very cool hobby...........FOOD.

Art and Sheila are smokers.  Not the two pack a day kind, but the "I-can-put-any-meet-on-a-grill-and-bring-my-guests-to-their-knees" kind.  Art competed for years in smoking contests, and being the supportive friends that we were, we continually urged him to practice, practice, practice so we could eat, eat, eat whatever he was learning to smoke.  Those were the good old days.

Smokers take their meat very seriously.  Texans don't mess around when it comes to BBQ.  It is all about the wood...the heat...the timing...the rub...the sauce........

Actually, I don't know if any of that is true.  I know nothing of the actual smoking of the meat. But over the years we became experts on the sampling and consuming side of smoking competitions.  It's the most fun side of the party to be on.

And hands down, if I were ever given a choice in a do-or-die smoking competition, I'd choose to be on Art and Sheila's team.  I'm sure when God invented the hog, it was intended as a gift to Art, so he could bless an entire community of friends with his ability to turn it into a southern delicacy.

I particularly loved how Art and Sheila invited some of my very favorite people to their party, so I could dine in spectacular company.  :-)

It had been many years since I'd feasted on Art's BBQ, but it all came back to me Saturday night.

Brisket.  Pulled pork.  Music.  Cold drinks.  Friends.

The best.  The very, very best.  Art and Sheila have graduated two now, but lucky for me, they still have one at home.  I can hardly wait until she graduates, and I can only start to hope that they decide to throw her a really, really big BBQ when she does.

Because I'm already craving M-O-R-E.

Thanks, Art and Sheila, for a perfect summer night.
And congratulations, Ross.  You are an accomplished and prepared young man and I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for your future.  May you continually be blessed by His Word in your life......and your Daddy's BBQ in your belly.

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