Friday, February 1, 2013

The French General

The Worldview ball.  Our sixth year.  This just gets better and better.  Oh, what a night.

This year, the theme was the late 1700's, and Max chose to go as a General from the French Revolution.

Our friend Bill says this is the photo we need to keep to show to Max's kids one day to prove he was homeschooled.  He thinks Max can garner a lot of sympathy if he tells people this was his homeschool uniform.  :-)

He volunteered at a horse barn this afternoon, so we made a quick dash to Nana and Papa's farm for a shower.  

Then, off to the ball.  Look at this raving beauty.  Isn't she stunning?  The girls' dresses were some of the best I've seen.  The time period lent itself to grand extravagance.

A sit down dinner first, then the dance floor will open.  The kids have attended dance practice for weeks.

There have been many unique opportunities over the course of our homeschool journey to bring life and depth to our studies.  By far, our participation in Worldview studies ranks at the top of our high school experience list. 

It's a hard class.  Really hard.  Max, you make me very proud.  Your faith, your creativity, and your academic stamina are constantly stretched to unimaginable limits.  Your roots reach deep and spread wide, and continue to provide a constant foundation as you grow, mature, and bloom.  

Fortitude.  A wonderful thing to see in a boy.

Love you, son.


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He is the most handsome French General ever!