Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Golden Girl

Yesterday, Penny went to get her hairs did.  My favorite thing about her is the "scruffy" look that she pulls off daily with such fine finesse. was time for a little trim.  Tidy things up a bit.  She's only ever had one other hair cut, and I thought they didn't get her head just right last time.  I took her to a new place yesterday, and although I fell madly in love with the groomer on the spot, I still don't think I know exactly what to ask for around her face.  I miss her crazy cowlicks and furled eyebrows.

But, as all girls know, that perfect cut can be hard to find. This is her new look.

She is poofy.  And soft.  Like a big, goofy cotton ball.

Mindy got scalped cut too.  I told the groomer to go short, and boy was she ever a FINE listener.  Cavaliers aren't exactly known for their bravado.  Mindy has spent the last 24 hours curled up next to this pillow, nursing a case of Post Traumatic Stress.

She looks like a beagle now that her fuzzy ears are gone.  But she is still a sweet girl.  Naked.  But sweet.  She is Emma's favorite dog.  That's hard for me to imagine with the DOODLE in the house, but Emma is super, super attached to Mindy.  That's good.  Mindy needs a compadre.

Then there's "the other dog".  You know, the one we don't have to lie to about how GREAT she looks sporting a new do.  Oh, this doodle.  She is such a dreamboat.

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Aunt J. said...

Love the new look. Glad to see you're back! (The dogs look good, too!!)