Monday, February 4, 2013

A Line A Day

Emma says the funniest things.  All day, every day.

YESTERDAY she plopped into our bed at the crack of extra early and something hard and heavy cracked against my head.  Ouch!  It was a tape measure.  She asked us to use it to show her how many days until Valentine's.  So, we measured out eleven inches, one for each day, while I rubbed the bump on my noggin. 

THEN on the way home from church I was watching her in the rear view mirror.
Her:  "Why do you wear two earrings?"
Me:  "Because I'm soooo fashionable."
Her:  "Well.  If you really wanted to be fashionable, you might not want to wear that shirt!"

LAST NIGHT we hosted a Super Bowl party, and when it came time for bed she asked if we could take a vote, and explained she felt confident she could persuade all our friends to vote for her!

BEFORE the party started, we raked all the leaves in our front yard and hung up our Valentine flag.  The weather was so gorgeous.  She's scooping armloads of leaves into the lawn bags while singing a song about "toiling, toiling, toiling."  I asked her about it and she said, "Don't you know?  Toiling means working!  You do TOILS all day long, Mom!"

THIS MORNING we both had on pink pajama pants, and she declared us the PINK PANT-ERS!  That was my favorite.  :-)

Everyone constantly advises to write!  this!  down!  

And after four kids, I'm the first to admit it is sage advice.  We quickly forget all the little moments that make us chuckle and cherish each age. That is why I was so excited when I read about this little book...

It is a five year journal, with enough space on each day to write just a few lines.  So, for instance, February 4th has five entries on the same page; one for each year, so as the years go by and you fill in the journal, you can reflect on the memories of previous years.  I LOVE THIS IDEA because I have tried a journal several times in the past, but I always get too bogged down in it.  I think, however, that a line a day is do-able.  

.....A funny quote from the kids.
.....A record of what we did that day.
.....A verse or quote that was inspirational.
.....Advice from a friend or relative.
.....Something from the news.
.....A prayer!

So many ways I can think of for capturing just a line a day. 

I'm keeping it next to my favorite chair.  (With a pen that is bound to disappear by sunset at the latest.)  I'm hoping that keeping it out and visible will inspire me to stay with it.  I started on February first.  I'm usually pretty good at keeping things going the first week......    :-)


Anonymous said...

I love those Emma-isms. :)

~ Milo

Sandy said...

My favorite will always be the day she told me I was kind of old with broken parts! It still makes me laugh. She is such a joy to be with.