Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sunday night we went to AWANA, and afterwards, we visited the pumpkin patch at the church that serves as the primary fundraiser for that ministry each year.  There were TONS of BEAUTIFUL pumpkins, and I was overcome with a temptation to fill every corner of my house with them.

But, since I already plunked down $1.99 for a Lowe's special that is sitting on my doorstep, I figured I should tame the wild urge to go over-gourd.  (Ha ha ha.)

Oh, I'm still laughing.  Anyway....some sub-par pictures taken in bad lighting with a phone.

She's at that handy age where she loves the miniature version of everything, so her measly budget was no great concern.  She liked the "baby" pumpkins the best.

And even though the wagons were technically available to assist those with enormous purchases, Ems considered herself a paying customer entitled to curbside assistance.  So, she rolled on out.

We brought three "baby" pumpkins home and decorated them up real cute with stickers.  We gave them all names, and then........we lost them.

I have no explanation, really.  I've pulled the smallest one out of Penny's mouth at least a dozen times since Sunday, so I know it's around here somewhere.  But just before I sat down to blog I asked her to go round up her harvest so I could take a decent picture of her with her stash, and believe it or not, we have LOST three pumpkins.

This is where you should feel appropriately sorry for me and the condition of my house!  Yes, it's bad enough for three vegetables to hide.

The one thing I have going for me is that all my fall decorations are up.  This is my favorite, FAVORITE time of year.  I love autumn colors and themes, and I am happiest when my house is full of pumpkins, pinecones, and spicy scents.

My Dad just gave me this wooden bread bowl, and my sweet Buzzard brought home a bag of cinnamon scented pinecones.  This smells amazing, and every time I walk by it makes me smile.

I have it right on the hutch in the dining room.

I filled the little cage on my dining room table with some fall goodies.  Emma gets in there are rearranges every few days.  :-)  I know she's been there by the little trail of straw on the table!

Hayden picked out some pumpkins too, and made a little fall display in his room.  He took this photo for me.  Looks a little psychedelic, eh?  :-)  Maybe these pumpkins are laughing because they know where their three friends are hiding.

In other news, the Doodle went to the beauty box and got her hairs did.

She's now a fancy Doodle.  With a trim.  

I was shocked when I picked her up.  She looked like a totally different dog.  We went from this...

.....to this!  Ta-Da!

I miss the scruffiness of her face a little bit, but her body is so incredibly soft and fluffy now.  She's a little (little???) fluff ball.  Next time I will have them fluff her body but leave her face long.

Because a girl feels naked without her full beard!!!

And speaking of super spiffy doodles.....look who has been moonlighting as a model for Reader's Digest??  It's the spitting image of Penny.

She's cute enough to be a cover model.

Okay, my last pumpkin news.  Ems and I hit Starbucks this morning.  Pumpkin spice latte' for me and pumpkin scone for her.  She wore her pumpkin sweater dress, of course.  Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year???  :-)

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