Sunday, October 14, 2012

An iphone Update

So, here's the latest "dump" from my iphone, as a means of checking in and updating some news.

I took a quick trip to Arkansas to see my Dad and Betty.  I was there just long enough to eat great food, see a great movie (Trouble With The Curve), and fall in love with Dad's new dog, Maddie, who he rescued from the pound.  She is a mix....part Huskey (oh! those eyes!) and part Catahouli Hound.  She is soft like a chinchilla and incredibly lovable.

I almost smuggled invited her to Texas.

Guess what we're going to BEE for Halloween??
We're all abuzz.

We got a taste of true fall temperatures here in Texas.  It fell into the 50's on the weekend of our Bible Bowl campout.  How is that?  Hot every day, then freezing on the one day we camp??  I helped plan food for 50 folks.  It was yummy and busy and tiring and fun, all mixed together.

And a little cold.  Did I mention?

The best part was hearing Max lead worship on his guitar.  He provided a nice backdrop to the beautiful voices of those super cute girls.  :-)

Look what's happening in Tennessee!  Hannah got her Halloween costume!

Just's her first pair of official SCRUBS.  It's almost like she's on her way to becoming a real live nurse or something!  I told her I almost trusted her enough to take my vitals.

Uncle Joel said he trusted her enough to draw blood from her Daddy.  Ha!!

Study buddies.  We've had a lot of homework lately.

A lot.

And both these creatures got haircuts since this photo was taken.

I had 30 minutes to kill last week while Hayden was in science class.  I found a new jewelry store where every single thing is a dollar.  A fun way to spend a half hour and a buck!  I don't know if I will ever wear these.  They are big, bright beads.  But I was lured by the price point, and by the thought that maybe one day I can be fun enough to wear big, bright bobbles.

This was taken the very day I had my house cleaned.  No joke.  Of course, that's the day the sink would break.  You just know it!  But it's all fixed now, and I have spanking clean shelf liner under there.  I even arranged all my kitchen sponges in a new little organizer.

Because this is how I roll.  When the kitchen looks like this, I choose to prioritize by organizing my sponges FIRST.  :-)

Have you seen these?  The newest rage to replace Snuggli's, perhaps?  Blankets with feet in them!  How funny!  I love this idea because my feet are always cold.

Aunt Jackie asked how soccer was going (on the day when they lost by 15 points), and this was Em's response.  It's good that she doesn't get caught up in things like THE SCORE.  ;-)  She is so me.

Yesterday we went to US Toy to build a free Lego pumpkin.  It was a very festive day.  We named her Jill.  Because we didn't want to name her Jack.  Then, we brought Jill home and dropped her in the toilet.

It's true.  Very true.

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