Sunday, November 11, 2012

October, Wherefore Art Thou??

My favorite month didn't doddle or linger.  I blinked twice and it was gone.  Now that November is barreling by and half vanished, it might be time to tidy a few things up around here and do an October recap, for old posterity's sake, yes?

OcToBeR's ToP TeN

#1 - Our friends came in from North Carolina to watch their son play in a PGA tournament.  We hosted a dinner that night to hear about their exciting lives and to try to figure out how the little boy we once knew is now on the golf channel!

#2 - We carved out time (oh, the pun) for our annual pumpkin carving party with Marci and her sis.

Because seeing these two together is a highlight of every fall.  Oh, the great potential I see for Prom 2024.

Sis lives in House Beautiful.  It's amazing.  And every time I'm in this kitchen I just long to know what it would be like to cook a five course feast and lay it out on that island.....which is the size of Long Island.  I would settle for boiling a pot of Kraft mac and cheese on that amazing stovetop.  But short of that, I show up at her house once a year to drink her Stella and eat her delicious food and watch our kids have a ball. 

This year we amped up the excitement by adding dance routines to Justin Bieber tunes.  You know, to be festive and all.  Kind of like a modern day Oktoberfest, but with gourmet pizza and hip hop instead of lederhosen and an Oompa band.  Other than that, we were totally traditional.  ;-)

Then, a great debate.  Did this year's coveted Magical Unicorn Pumpkin look more like a German Shepherd?  It's all about the horn/ear placement.  Emma drew her original design with a Sharpie, then Daddy dutifully sat out in the cold carving away with a dollhouse sized knife.  Uncle Joel labored hard on a Harry Potter logo, and Mr. Geoff paid his annual dues by gutting and polishing the gourds before our arrival.  The women stayed inside and ate.  :-)  Divine Right Order.  Every single year.

For fun, this was our first year of pumpkin carving with Marci and Sis.  Sweets.

#3 - A DNA molecule for life science class.  Because nothing beats a good marshmallow Hydrogen Bond right in the midst of Halloween, when our bodies try to convince us that they can not survive on fun sized Snickers alone.  We need a good marshmallow chaser.

#4 - A moment of sewing.  Because I couldn't stand it any longer.  I had not touched my machine in weeks.  So, I made a little fall basket for Hayden's science teacher.

And filled it with peppermints.

True to form, if I didn't have time to make ONE, I certainly didn't have time to make FOUR.  But it's the sewing addiction thing.  And the desperate need to stop the chaos and create something as a form of mental therapy.  So, ALL the boys' teachers got treats.  And I got behind(er) on housework.  Totally worth it, by the way.

#5 - Then, there were more treats.  And tricks too.  She was the LATEST BUZZ.  :-)

And guess who got a pumpkin suit?  The one who wouldn't stop barking at the trick-or-treaters and had to stay inside instead of walking the neighborhood, that's who!

We ended the evening with a special visit for extra special treats!

#6 - A new toy!  Because I can't let her be seen with last season's bone.

#7 - Civic duty HONOR.  Check!

We hosted an election night party.  For clarification, this wasn't October.  Oh well, I'm out of order.  (Always.)  In the midst of it, Emma said the pledge and sang "My Country Tis of Thee".  I had no idea she knew either one.  Good job, Preschool.

#8 - Emma visited Build A Bear and built me a pumpkin bear for my birthday.

Perfect night.  He lives on the rooster bench in my entry way, next to a pile of leaves and a pretty pumpkin.  She was super excited about it all until it somehow came out that when it comes time to pack away the fall decorations, he will be wrapped in a box and confined to the attic for eleven months.  What?  Not even the mention that he will have wooden pilgrims to keep him company settled her down.  It is quite possible that I ruined her moment.  Happy Birthday to me.

#9 - A date with my Mister to watch our son perform in a musical.

#10 - Let's end this whole she'bang on a Doodle note.  Someone passed her Canine Good Citizen's test with flying colors!  Because she is amazing and brilliant, that's why.

If you ask me, she was totally the Valedictorian.  I'm so proud of her big, goofy self.  Max worked really hard to get her through Pet Manners one and two.  August, September, and October were all about obedience.  Now that it's November, we're turning over a new (fall) leaf.  We start agility classes this week!  Let's see if those feet (which are the size of Rhode Island) can do some fancy moves.

And that's a wrap.  Thanks for the memories, October.  Maybe I can keep up with what's left of November in a bit more of a timely manner.  That's probably just like saying maybe I can keep up with laundry.  But whatever.  It's my favorite time of year, and I'm allowed to dream big.  :-)

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