Friday, October 5, 2012

Plant Cell

Hayden is taking a homeschool Life Science class that has turned out to be a big hit.  They're always doing something quirky and fun.  This week, we had to build a plant cell.  The teacher provided a few of the materials and asked us to be creative with the rest.

Our cell had 14 "parts" that had to be labeled.

When you really stop to consider how intricate and complex microscopic organisms are, it is a great testimony to the existence of our Divine Creator.  This stuff couldn't just happen!

I can't grow plants.  Not a single variety.  But I adore their beauty so I admire people who can!  I'm proud of my boy.  My biology loving boy and his super cell.

I'll throw this one in for grins.  She was our cell supervisor, and is living proof that animal cells are cuter than plant cells.  :-)

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