Monday, July 30, 2012

The Show Must Go On

So, this week is the highly anticipated Creative Arts Camp at church.  My son auditioned for a part and was cast as King Triton, the Merman.  Please don't think for a moment that this recent addition to his resume has been lost on this family.  Rest assured, we have created ample opportunity to razz him about being King of the Sea, most notably for the fact that he will be the only guy on stage, dancing with eleven Disney Princesses to the song "She's In Love" from the Little Mermaid.

He's a total chick magnet, that one.  :-)

Last week, during a break from learning all his smooth moves, Mr. Highly Coordinated took an opportunity to move a rather hefty bench off stage, with his entourage of princesses looking on.  Nothing like a little chance to show the girls what you're made of.  Apparently, Twinkle Toes lost his balance somehow and dropped the whole thing right on his big toe.



He suffered in silence, of course, so as not to alarm the darling damsels.  (King Chicken of the Sea.)  This meant continuing to shuffle around on stage for an hour before heading home to hook up with an ice pack.  By that point, his big toe was black and blue and blown up real big, like a merman fin.  :)

So, the King has been sporting some high fashion footwear this weekend and taking things real slow.

What the photo doesn't capture well is the fact that this thing is actually about two feet long and looks more like a ski than a shoe.  But don't worry.  We haven't teased him about it or anything.  Not us.

Last week was pre-week at camp, when those with specialty parts attended special rehearsals and costume fittings.  This week is actual camp, with hundreds of kids and amazingly talented (and devoted!) leaders working all day, every day, to pull together a musical.  This will be Hayden's last year of camp, and we're going out in high style.  (No pun intended.)  It's a great week of worshiping God through the creative arts, and so this week I'm giving thanks.  

I'm thankful for a fun role for my son that allows him some stage time and an opportunity to be a gentleman.

I'm thankful that what first appeared to be an injury which might require surgery and pins turned out to be a minor ordeal.  I'm also thankful for my good friend who is a doctor and allows us to sneak in the back door at a moment's notice for treatment.  

I'm thankful for a team of adult leaders who POUR themselves into the kids for two solid weeks and work tirelessly to pull together a fabulous production to share the Gospel message with our community.

I'm thankful for a good hearted son who loves to laugh and joke and can stand up to our teasing.

Most of all, I'm thankful for the beginning of the story.  Of all the many, MANY things that God could have revealed about Himself, the very first thing He shared with us was that.....

.....In the beginning, God CREATED!

He is Creator God, my awesome God, who speaks love and compassion into my heart that has a constant need for creativity.  Praying for a great week at camp, and for eleven Disney princesses who get to dance with a true prince.  :-)

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Lisa said...

This is written soooooo cleverly!!! I love it!!

Love, Lisa