Monday, September 10, 2012

A Cut Above (the shoulders!)

June and July were all about swimming lessons around here.  Daily lessons.  For several sessions in a row.  At a public pool that is one part water, two parts chlorine.  I got a little lazy about washing her hair after every lesson.  By "a little lazy" I mean I never, ever washed her hair after a lesson.

Daily hair care defeated my goal of carefree summer living.  Then again, so did raking a brush through her chemically singed, straw like locks while she screamed bloody murder.  That daily battle was a real drag.  So I suggested a hair cut.

And she said no way.

So we started conditioning, but it didn't help.  More tangles.  More brushing.  More tears.  More begging on my part for a haircut.  More devotion on her part to "look like Rapunzle".

Then, one day, out of the blue, it happened.  She looked up from her snack at three in the afternoon and announced that it might be a good day for a haircut.

So, I called up Saint Betty, my new hairdresser, and asked her what kind of miracle she would need to work to get us in before four.

Time was a wasting, and I wanted to leave no chance for mind changing.

Betty had us rush right over.  Clearly, this was meant to be since Betty stays booked solid all the time.  She just so happened to have a cancellation and could work us right in.

There was a sketchy moment when we first walked in the door and doubt began to plague her.  Lucky for me, I was able to ward off all worries with a promise of a brand new bottle of pink OPI nail polish.

And that was the ticket.

Betty gave her star treatment.....served her a beverage, deep conditioned her scalp, and even let her play games on her iphone.  Go, Betty.

She even wrapped the two little pony tails that she cut off up in cute little ribbons and sent them home with me in a bag.  As a Mom, I should have probably been a little more sentimental about that.  I was very glad I was taking that hair home in a bag and not on her head.  I love her little cut.  It's kicky and fun.  Just like Emma.

It's also healthy and shiny and a cinch to brush.  And now that swimming lessons are over, we even wash it every now and then.  ;-)

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Erin said...

WOW that was a lot cut off! It looks great!