Friday, July 27, 2012


We launched summer this year with a very bright beginning.  I mentioned that Hannah's roommate came to spend a few weeks with us.  Her name is Lindsey, and she had never been to Texas before.  Lindsey's family lovingly provided a home away from home for Hannah during the school year.  We can't possibly repay the kindness they have shown her by including her in their family and church life.  They were an answer to our biggest college prayer.

We knew we wanted to show Lindsey authentic Texas, so we hitched a ride on Papa's wagon and we hit cow town.  First stop, a little culture.

Next stop, a lot of cowboys.

We had good plain fun.  Southern style, which means we were sweating a lot.

Papa treated to lunch in the stock yards.  Fried pickles.  Crazy good.

But of course.  Because no first trip to Texas would be complete without this experience.

Well done, cowgirl.  She stared eight seconds right in the face.

My boy was made to dwell in cowtown.  He loves him some scuffy boots, a smartly shaped hat.....and a whole lotta bull......haha.

Last stop was Papa's treat....a round of Sarsaparilla for all.

We enjoyed a cold one on the ride home.  Ever had it?  It tastes a lot like rootbeer.

I think Hannah's favorite part of the visit was introducing Lindsey to family and friends.  Since Hannah gets to be part of Lindsey's world all year long, it was fun to show Lindsey the people and places Hannah talks about so often.  The girls are such a great match....Lindsey was a perfect fit everywhere she went.

We celebrated the last day of preschool with a trip to a new cupcake bakery in town.

We also spent a day at the Japanese Water Gardens.  They are spectacular...definitely one of the prettiest places to visit nearby.

Lindsey's family lives on a dairy farm in the rolling hills.  It is impossible to compete with the stunning beauty that surrounds her home, and the access to hiking trails which she enjoys on a regular basis.  However, the water gardens are a tiny jewel hidden away in a concrete jungle.  I love that an oasis like this exists right in the middle of a huge city.  I wish I lived closer and could visit more often.

The lush green and gurgling water provide refreshment, even in the midst of intense heat.  The biggest highlight for Emma is feeding the abundance of koi fish.  Okay, I admit it.  It's my favorite part too.  :-)

It was a treat to have an extra kid in the house on Mother's Day. We celebrated up at the farm.

We also went to Max's end of year presentation for his Worldview class, followed by a C.S. Lewis tea.

We had a great visit, and two weeks went way too quickly.  I hope we didn't scare her too badly, and that we get a chance to enjoy Lindsey again in the future.

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Tina Hollenbeck said...

Your pics brought back such memories for me! Every time I come to visit my best friend in TX, we go to the Stockyards, and we went to the water gardens once, too. :^)