Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, summer arrived.  With a vengeance, it roared into May and proceeded to devour June and July.

Am I right?

The same thing happens every year, but with a growing sense of intensity.  The summer heat sets our calendar to a raging boil.  I'm not complaining.  It's a whole different brand of chaos, and one I look forward to every year.  I just wish I could nail down a definition of summer.  Every year I dupe myself into thinking there will be an element of calm that will foster things like planning, organizing, home projects, or even rest.  I'm not sure why I still believe the "lazy days of summer" myth.  I think what I need is a little buffer....some padding between summer and fall.  You know, just a few blinks to recover from the fun of summer and actually get around to the planning and organizing and home projects necessary before the onset of fall......followed by a nap.  Or twelve.

As hope for any great sense of productivity shrivels quicker than my petunias in a Texas July, I'll need to settle for a hearty dose of thankfulness for the many blessings that have kept us blowing and going these past several weeks.

The boys were on the road competing for a few weeks.  A little time away was good for me.  I mean THEM!!  I totally meant to say THEM!!  ;-)  Haha.  It felt so strange to have them gone at various times these past few months, but me and peace and quiet are fast and easy friends.

Although I suppose those things are slightly overrated, because I was always eager for the energetic homecomings that exploded with hilarious stories and favorite memories.

And suitcases that exploded with laundry.

Hannah's roommate came to visit for a few weeks.  Brave soul.  We absolutely adored having her and were fully content to add one more daughter to our tally.  She's a gem, and we had a ball introducing her to "the Texas way".

We've tried to find moments to enjoy simple treats.

And invest in what matters most.

Hayden and I took a road trip with friends, and I soaked up getting spoiled and pampered like a sponge.

We pack as many friends into our days, and into our house, as the hours will allow.
We celebrated an upcoming marriage...

....some passing birthdays...

...and the joys of middle school.  I love to put people in my house, and then feed them.  :-)

We played a little baseball.  Oh yes we did.  And we did it rather well in fact.

We cheered loudly for the new city champions!  Oh yes, we certainly did.

I stole a few minutes to make a few pretty things.  Because that is how I keep my sanity.

We danced.  Well, "we" didn't.  But Hannah and her friends did.  They gather; whole flocks of them.  Then, they go swing dancing.

With their boots on.  They're so cute.  The whole flock of 'em.

And then this past weekend arrived.   Our nest was full, as it should be.  Everyone was home from their various travels and we called a truce.  A truce with the schedule.  We claimed a night, and we settled in at home for the sole purpose of enjoying each other.

And enjoying Hayden.

Hayden, the 13 year old.

Thirteen is a funny thing.  The one day between 12 and 13 is a big milestone.  At the risk of sounding trite, the years between toddler and teen evaporate way too quickly.  Nothing illustrates time passing quickly like summertime, so it was ironic that we would all take a rest and be intentional about marking this day.  We went out to lunch, visited Bass Pro shop, ate sno cones, and cooked dinner together. It was a calm and comfortable day.  Just like Hayden.

Reading his "13 letter" from his Daddy.
I had a slight miscalculation on my wrapping paper supply, so it was like Christmas in July.  We'd hardly know how to behave in a perfect house.

Then, we sat outside on the patio and watched the kids enjoy his new pool toys.  It's nice to sit when your only agenda is to watch and enjoy.

It was a really great day, in honor of a really great kid.

Another notch in summer's belt.  A belt that strains against the rapidly growing number of blessings and memories marking these quickly passing, non-lazy days of summertime.

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Lisa said...

LOVE all these pictures!!! And my favorite is the way you write. I could read a book you wrote!!! Lovely!!