Saturday, May 19, 2012

On Growing Old

 Birthdays are inevitable, and they seem to come more quickly with each passing year.  When we were young, we counted the days until we could celebrate.  But the subtle line to "old" has been crossed when you realize you aren't counting anymore.......because you are forgetful, and have lost track of just about everything.

At that point, the better part of wisdom tells you to choose the best of the best, and to do "old" together.

And if your best of the best have birthdays right by yours, it's all the best-er.

Because the women in your life will remind you of your aging status by cooking for you.

Egg burgers, to be exact.  You eat fried eggs on your burgers to, yes?  If you don't, you should.
It's what all the cool boys are doing these days.

The important thing about old is that you have to remember to make time for fun and games.
You have to play a few together...

and watch a few together...
because that journey to the upper years is most certainly, undoubtedly, absolutely positively... 

...worth every step when traveled in the company of friends.

Happy Birthday, Stupids.
You three make quite a team.
Like fine wine and stinky cheese,
you just get better (and cuter) with time.

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