Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recent Randomness

What in the world???  Do people really survive puppyhood??  Judging from the number of adult dogs strolling through my neighborhood, I have to believe that there is a meaningful success rate, but I have a whole new realm of respect for those owners on the opposite ends of the leashes!

Hubby was out of town for four days BRINGING HANNAH HOME!!  They arrived safely, with Hannah's roommate in tow for a visit, and it feels so good to have a full nest for the summertime.  An overflowing nest, actually, if you count the fact that hog dog doodle triples in size every fourth day.

In completely random order, here's some photos off my camera card from the past few weeks.  Prepare to be confused.  There is no cohesion to this news, due to the fact that cohesiveness, in any form, is no longer part of life at the manor.

Homeschool.....we're slugging along.  It's hard.

This is why.  But we're still plugging!

The doodle is being homeschooled too.  :-)
We're clicker training.  I'll let you know how that goes.

21 pounds of Penny.  She was at the vet on Friday.  She has almost doubled her weight since we brought her home.  She is the craziest thing.  I heard her barking hysterically the other morning so I came dashing out to investigate, fully expecting to find this....

They are still not friends.

But alas, the cat was taking the morning off.  It was not Leo spurring on the barking fit, it was this....

A dead balloon left over from a preschool party.  The yellow ones are really scary.

Dorky Doodle!

The status quo...

Okay, other news.  Hayden is a clown.  Was a clown.  A real clown.  In the church choir spring performance he played a clown, and had an absolute ball clowning around.

I finished a little table topper and added a jar of flowers as a thank you gift for the choir teacher.

We have had so much fun with Hannah's room mate here for a visit.  Lots of on-the-go as our year winds down and our summer launches.  The events are stacking up in my camera, so I'll try to get back to regular posting here to record them all.  Today is the last day of preschool and we're having a petting zoo.  I'm off to pack my last back pack of the school year!

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