Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

1.  If you are a friend of mine reading here and you have been to a party at my house in the past two months, you will be very excited to know what the UPS man delivered to my house last night.

Oh yes he did.

It's the part necessary to fix the ice maker and water dispenser which has been broken for-ev-ah.

So, the handy Buzzard hung out behind the fridge all night.  I was sure we were going to need Papa's assistance in this matter.  Papa can fix anything.  But that Buzzard surprised me.  Oh yes he did.  And after only one trip to the Home Depot at that.

How is it that a luxury like ice cubes can come to feel like a total necessity in life??

2.  Today was "wear your school shirt day" at preschool.  Emmie went to school wearing her bright orange pullover and black leggings.  Nothing screams "MY MOM SCREWED UP" like neon orange in a sea of white tee shirts.  I comforted Emma in the carpool line by reminding her that her Mama filled out ALL of next year's registration paperwork AND cut out THREE pictures of things that start with the letter "N" this morning, but the bottom line is that my words were still bouncing off a poor kid in an orange shirt.  So, I came back home to fetch the proper apparel, and hustled into circle time wearing my yoga pants and fuzzy slippers.

3.  I took myself to Starbucks afterwards for a skinny latte.  Yoga pants and fuzzy slippers are actually cool in Starbucks because it makes you look like you've had a really hard morning and deserve to be there.  I was paying WAY more attention to a text on my iphone than I was my surroundings as I stood repeatedly hitting the "unlock" button to try to get into "my" van (my hand was actually on the door handle), when the real owner of the white van showed up and kindly asked me to step aside.

4.  And suddenly I felt like a total loser wearing yoga pants and fuzzy slippers.

5.  Max had a function tonight for one of his homeschool classes and I made chocolate chip cookies for him to take.  I used the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, like always.  But my cookies turned out really strange. They were all perfectly round and flat.  They looked like slice and bake instead of homemade.  Mom and I can't figure out what happened, and I've dedicated way too much thought to the matter.  Maybe my baking soda is expired?  I don't know, but flat cookies are the pits.  :-(

6.  I dragged Mom with me to Hobby Lobby tonight to look for Valentine fabric, and I ended up buying a gold Christmas tree for 90% off, which I am convinced is going to make a fabulous Valentine tree.  She might think I'm crazy.  I'll show her.  I'll recycle it into a fabulous egg tree at Easter too.  :-)

7.  I'm off to watch HGTV, cut out a quilt, and pour a tall drink WITH ICE CUBES.  Just because I can.  Oh yes I can.

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