Friday, January 20, 2012

Random iphone Photos

I plugged in my iphone to charge this morning and these are the most recent (random!) photos that popped up.  I never download iphone pictures, so here's the riveting news from my phone...

A homemade blueberry pie from a friend.  Fresh, handpicked blueberries from Mississippi.  YUM.

Did you know Velveeta now makes WHITE cheese?  It makes an amazing queso.  Velveeta is darn proud of their white cheese though.  $7!  Yikes!

I begged Aunt Jackie to do this to her Cooper Mini.  Just for me.  She said ummmmm....NO.
I'm still miffed.  I nearly died of cuteness when I saw this in the Target parking lot.  It made me forget, for one brief second, that I had just spent seven dollars on cheese.

Neiman Marcus with the girls.

A lunch date with a dude to my favorite burger joint.

The Little One misses her Sissy so much.  I find her writing "notes" constantly and leaving them all over the house for me to mail.  Yeah, I don't mail any of them.  But I do send Sissy the iphone photos.

I'm thinking about joining this block of the month club at my local quilt shop.  Because what my 2012 needs is another project.  With a deadline.  I'm torn to pieces over whether to sign up for red or blue, so I haven't signed up at all.  This is a very good thing.  :-)  But won't all the people who actually sign up for this AND get it done have beautiful beds in 2013??  Won't they???

They say a person's iphone reveals a lot about them.

Yep.  Guess it's true!


Sandy said...

Definitely the red quilt! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Red. And Sissy would love it if you actually did mail some of those "letters"!!! :)