Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sometimes I Choose Strange Priorities

Monday was MLK, and while every other kid in the neighborhood had a day off of school, we had a marathon homeschool day.

I was super popular.  (NOT.)  After what felt like a hundred days off for Christmas break, I wasn't even remotely interested in a holiday.  Isn't that strange?  My kids sure thought so.

I made a big effort to get the house in order so school could get off to a smooth start.  I still had a few random piles that needed dispersing to eliminate any potential of them becoming mountainous by spring break.  Clutter on my kitchen counters completely destroys my peace.  In an effort to eat better in the new year, I've tried to make fruits and veggies more abundant and accessible.  But, it was starting to get a little ridiculous as my counter started resembling a disorganized mini farmer's market.

So, in the midst of desperately needing to plan for homeschool lessons, I decided to tackle a completely unrelated project.  As I recall, this was also smack in the middle of the Patriots/Broncos game, which I believe Buzzard may have mentioned to me when I dispatched him to retrieve my new cake stands from storage.

But just look at the stunning results of his efforts.  How cute is this??

Don't you love these new cake stands?  They just tickle me.  I found them on sale at Costco.  I adore the color...reminds me of antique jadeite.

The texture on them is wonderfully old milk glass.  Green and polka dots.  With yellow bowls on top.  Now, I ask you, what school child wouldn't be eager to get back in the homeschool groove on a holiday while surrounded by such fruit fabulousness?  Other than my two.  :-)

Ahhh.  Just look at the fruit bowl now.  Neat.  Orderly.  

I know. I can almost hear your audible sighs of relief.

As a side note...notice the hand painted little cup in front?  Hannah made that for me when she was in preschool and it has always sat in our kitchens and held spare keys.  In my organizing flurry, I emptied all the keys (most are spares to our neighbors' homes) and stored them in a zip lock in a random drawer.  You know, so they wouldn't clutter the orderly veggie aesthetic.  Just so happens I accidentally stashed the attic key away too.  So, the following night, while I was off having dinner with a friend with my phone turned off, and Buzzard was here desperately trying to get into the attic to access some baby items we had promised to lend to my mother's pastor, there was a small problem.  Oopsie.
But doesn't the cup look nice and tidy??

Okay, one more note on fruit organization.  I have no idea what this has to do with MLK, but apparently I was on a holiday roll.  Look at this cute little bowl I found at Sprouts this week.  It's a berry bowl.

You wash, strain...

...and store, all in one.

Super spiffy.

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Erin said...

Fabulous cake stands/fruit holders!! Now you will certainly choose healthier fare. How could you do otherwise?