Friday, January 27, 2012

Fancy Nancy Skins A Squirrel

What I'm about to tell you brings being southern to a whole new level.

We ate a squirrel.

With dumplin's.

You see, this all started because the Buzzard and his boys love to settle down in front of the telly vision for repeated episodes of SWAMP PEOPLE.  'Cause sophistication abounds 'round these parts.  Apparently, there is an episode about squirrel and dumplings and that became a running joke between my boys.  I can't share the joke with you because I'm not in on it, which is okay by me.  During these male bonding episodes I'm in my sewing nook watching old episodes of The Office, like real people.  Because office supplies submerged in jell-o.....THAT'S sophistication.

Anyhoo...our friend Kenny gave Old Buzz a shout last weekend to make him an offer he couldn't refuse.  And when this handy traveling device arrived at my house, I had a sinking suspicion it didn't contain staplers and lemon jell-o.

Ah, that Kenny.  I can't ever say he never gave me anything.  :-)

Kenny is married to one of my precious high school girlfriends.  She chose well, because he has an unparalleled sense of fun and adventure.  (Although that first part is open to interpretation.)  Kenny went hunting, and when he saw this, he immediately thought of making my boys' day.

I ventured out at early o'clock to snap these pictures, and despite numerous offers to photo document the "process", I was out.  of.  there.

While Grizzly Adams, CPA busied himself at the sink muttering something about fur and bones, Emmie and I headed to the craft store in search of a birthday gift for one of her friends.  It just so happened that the craft store was doing a free make-and-take, so we stayed and decorated our very own Fancy Nancy crown with sparkles and glitter and stickers.  It wasn't like we had anything pressing happening back at home.

I can not fully describe to you how amazingly excited my boys were, nor the heights to which they have catapulted Kenny onto a pedestal.  I suppose nothing beats wilderness survival skills and a raw instinct to hunt.  Even when it happens on a side yard in suburbia with remains that are delivered to your door by a Toyota Highlander.

So, it stood to good reason that we had Kenny and Casey and their sweet girls over for some mighty fine dining that evening.  Rest assured, I provided some "side dishes"....

Because I knew the main course was not for the faint of heart.  Max's take......tastes just like chicken.

With a dumping.

Fancy Nancy crowns were entirely optional.

Thank you, Kenny!!

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Erin said...

The REAL question...
Did you try it?