Friday, December 30, 2011

Giddy Up, Birthday Boy

Last night we met our dear friends at the rodeo to celebrate Max and David's birthdays.

Our friends are in town visiting from Georgia.  We sure do miss them bunches.  The mark of true friendship is when you can pick right back up where you left off, and that has always been the case with the H family.  What are the chances that these two would show up at a rodeo wearing these hats?  Kindred spirits, they are, even from afar!

Sam has been a big fan of Emma's since she was born.  We see the H family about once a year, and the first time we were together when Emma was a newborn, Sam gave her one of his treasured childhood toys.  It's been a mutual admiration society ever since.

When the H family moved away these two were still in middle school.  Time does fly.

I think my birthday boy had a wonderful time celebrating in one of his most favorite environments with some of his most favorite people.

The show was grand.  My friend's cousin works for the rodeo, and he gave us free VIP tickets that were front row seats.  When dirt clods land in your lap you know you are up close to the action.

Boys.  Many handsome boys.

Oh how I miss my girlfriend.  I'm so thankful she still has family here so at least she still comes to visit. We have a wonderful time together and I just adore this girl.

Spending time with great friends is a true holiday gift! 

This girl was all over the rodeo thing.  If anyone could take a bull by the horns, it is this firecracker.

YEE HAW.  We had us some fun.

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