Saturday, December 31, 2011


Mom and I both enjoy participating in the blog hops for Christmas homes.  This year (and last year) I didn't post our pictures or join the hop.  It just got away from me.  (Twice.)  BUT, I have a sure fire plan in place for NEXT year.  We will take all the pictures Thanksgiving weekend when our homes are freshly decorated and load them into my computer, so when the hops roll around, I'll be set and ready.

Oh yes.  2012 is looking very organized already!

This morning I went around and snapped pictures of my tired looking, partied out decorations right before they call come down.  :-(  I take pictures each year so that the following year, when it all gets unpacked again, I'll remember where to put everything.  This is rather funny, because I usually end up rearranging everything every year anyway.  But not until AFTER I look at the previous year's photos of where it all SHOULD go.  :-)  This year we did quite a bit of shuffling to accommodate a second tree, and we all rather liked the new set-up, so there's a good chance this look will stick.

However, I have an entire eleven months to forget it all, so here is my better-late-than-never reveal of our Christmas pretties.

First off, my TREE!  I've always wanted a second "slim" tree to use as a theme tree, so this was a gift from the kids last year.  This was our first year to put it up, and I was thrilled.  For now it has nativity ornaments and glass balls that match the colors in the room.  I love it!  I never found a tree skirt that I liked, so I used a puff of snow instead.  Perfect for my small and cozy space.

The downstairs guest bath.

The countdown calendar was a gift this year from a friend.  She chose so's exactly my taste.  The kids used it every day in December (it has a little magnet that you put over the date) and every time I looked at it I gave thanks for her friendship.

(This is Lisa and I at a party in November when she gave me the calendar.  She is super cute and the most energetic Mom I know!)

My dining room, where we shared LOTS of meals with friends this season.

The rooster bench is normally in the entryway.  I moved it to the side of the dining room table for the holidays and I love it there.  I think benches at tables are lots of fun, and since this one has a back on it, it's actually a comfy place to sit too.

I have more than a slight crush on felt snowmen.  They send me.  :-)

I love to display my little collection in my china hutch, just for something different.

Although I feel quite certain that when I set them up back in November I didn't put the silly putty behind one of the them.  Hmmmm......

The little hutch above the piano hung in my Oma and Opa's house.  It is one of my most special things. I normally have it filled with Hummels, but during the holidays I fill it with Santas instead.

My nativity sets are among my favorite decorations.  I always keep it low where Emma can reach it.  She loves the little pieces so much, and every time I walk by it looks a little different.  I can't have this be a "no touch".  I love that she wants to interact with the Christmas story.  I especially love how it is usually the animals crowded around the baby Jesus.  She does love her animals! 

I have two new pieces this year.  The first is this precious angel....

...and the second are the palm trees.  (Thanks, Mom!!  They look great!)

I change the mantle every year.  I still have not hit upon a standard look, but that's okay.  That is one place that is fun to change.

Someday I'll have a finished handmade Christmas quilt to display here.  Someday.....

This year I did make a little runner for another nativity set.

These carolers were my Grandma's.  It is actually a music box.  I love the vintage look of them.  The Bubble Yum chapstick?  It too is a rather recent addition to the Christmas decor!

And of course, the village.  The very first piece of this village was given to me by my wonderful Buzzard on our first wedding anniversary.  The village, and my affection for that Old Buzzard, has grown quite a bit over the years.  Enjoying this sentimental display will always be a special part of Christmas at our house.  It is always the last thing I take down because I am always the most sad to see it go.

We are hosting New Year's tonight with our friends.  Tomorrow I will begin to take down the decorations and get the house cleaned and organized.  I'm kind of ready.  And kind of not.

I hope my friends and family reading here have a very blessed and happy new year!!!

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