Friday, December 30, 2011


Dear Max,

Fourteen is a lot of years.  I'll go ahead and say it.....I can't believe this many of them have flown right by.  You have provided us with so many fun memories.  You are the one who keeps this family in stitches.  You have grown and matured so much these past several months, and as always, being by your side for the journey has been a great ride.  Hey Cowboy, here's how you look today:

You are settling into your own shoes (usually cowboy boots) rather well.  You are confident, and that is a joy to be near.  Those boots keep you moving; you love to be on the go.  Full throttle is your favorite speed.

You wear many hats (usually cowboy hats) well.  Your accomplishments in Bible Bowl are so commendable.  You love being with friends at youth group, playing football with friends in the front yard, going to classes during the week, and running with cousins up at the farm.  We love to see you fit in well wherever God puts you.

Those flannel shirts just get softer and more cozy with time.  Max, you are l-a-i-d   b-a-c-k.  Times ten.  You go fast and play hard, but you mellow very well.  :-) You are easy to talk to, fun to tease with, and so very easy to please.  I love to hear guitar music streaming from your bedroom and see your colored pencil masterpieces in your sketchbooks.  I love being lazy with you.

You tighten that (silver studded) belt buckle well.  You've learned so many lessons about working hard and going the distance.  We've had many big projects with school this year and the work load just keeps on coming.  You're finding out that the older you get, the more people count on you.  These are big lessons.  Life lessons.  You're staying in the game, and we are SO VERY proud of you.

In the rodeo, they always save the best event for last.  Bull riding.  The goal is to stay on at all cost for eight seconds while the bull fights like mad to buck you right off.  Max, you do your eight seconds really, really well.  You have the courage to take on bucking broncos and the strength to ride them out. God is going to use your tenacity and your tender heart in a great and mighty way.  You are in this game to win, and I am so honored to be on the sidelines cheering loudly.

Happy Birthday to my very favorite Cowboy.  Here's to many more, buddy!  I LOVE YOU TONS.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday cowboy ... hope you enjoy the movie tonight and the pizza later. I love you!

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