Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prayers For Amy

Yesterday my friend Amy went into surgery to have a mass removed from her brain.  I've known Amy for many years.  Hannah was a flower girl in her wedding when she was three years old.

I wanted to do something for Amy's mother to let her know I cared.  I felt I had no words that could offer any comfort.  But I certainly know the One who does.  So I made a little book.

One filled with prayers and promises and strength and hope.  The kind of hope you cling to when you're feeling desperate and afraid.

I asked the Lord to show me some verses that might be meaningful to Amy's family during the long hours spent in the waiting room.  He was faithful.  Before I knew it, I was able to fill an entire spiral.

Many of the verses are familiar, yet they became fresh to me in a whole new way.

Fresh, like the Lord's mercies.

I pray those mercies consume Amy and her family in the coming days.

I pray comfort would wrap its arms around her husband and two young sons...

...and I pray He would help us all to remember that He is good and in control.

All of the time.

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