Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Flood

In a startling display of toddlerhood, Emma crept into our bathroom tonight and plugged up one of the vanity sinks.  She then proceeded to turn on the water to play and flooded the entire bathroom.  Counters, drawers, cabinets.....drenched.  I think, by the time I arrived on the scene, there were small white caps forming near the commode.  Lots and lots (!!!!) of water.  She realized at some point that she had a small(?) problem on her hands, so she used an entire box of Kleenex to try to help her cause.


A half an inch of water with little globs of saturated tissue floating downstream from the sink to the shower, approaching the master closet.

We fished out the kleenex (gross!), emptied everything, and saturated every towel we own.  Emmie was on the time out stool, doing some thinking about the appropriate use of water as a source of entertainment.  There were many tears.  :-(  And I'm not just talking about mine and the Buzzard's.  (Too bad we were all out of Kleenex!)

I didn't think to grab the camera until the majority of the mess was dealt with.  Yes, this is the "after" when things calmed down a bit.  I'm usually pretty particular about counter tops being cleared, but of course, I had them piled high tonight.  High and nowhere near dry!

I've been meaning to replace that shelf paper anyway.  And who doesn't need their cabinets cleaned (washed?) out every once in a while?  In the middle of the Cowboy opening game seems as good a time as any.

Three.  Years.  Old.  It's a tricky little age.  :-)  I'm ready to bid this day bon voyage.  It's been a doozie.

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