Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Nory Bird

We lost a pet today, and this loss was a hard one for us.

Nory was a Love Bird, and she has been part of our family for over seven years.  She got her name from from one of Hannah's favorite books, Nory Ryan's Song.  She was appropriately named, for what a love she indeed was!!  She was as sweet and cuddly as any puppy, and loved being held and played with.

When Hannah left for college, Hayden inherited the care and keeping of the bird.  It was a charge which particularly excited him, as he thoroughly enjoyed having her out of the cage and allowing her to study with him.

We didn't see this loss coming, and it was a hard hit this morning.  She was a wonderful little pet and was a joy to have in this house.  If you've never owned a bird before, you'll probably be quite surprised to know they offer quite a bit of companionship.  They are lots of fun!
In a strange way, this makes me a little extra sad because it was like a special little part of Hannah that she left behind for us to enjoy when she moved away to college.  That probably sounds silly.

Sigh.  Sometimes saying goodbye is so unexpected.

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Theodwyn said...

Sorry, Brooke. I'm sure that was tough.