Friday, September 9, 2011

Day One

This week held great promise for Emma.  It marked the start of preschool.  We are going to the same church where we attended mother's day out last year, but big girl preschool seems a mighty official jump.  Last week we spent an afternoon at a meet the teacher event.  To our delight, Mrs. Christie has "a very pretty smile and a lovely ruffle on her shirt".  That is how Emma dreamily described her that night.  The fact that Mrs. Christie had a snack, a red balloon, and homemade play-doh for each child sealed the deal.  She was a superstar who could rock a ruffle.  

Finally, Tuesday rolled around.  Our long awaited First Day.  Mrs. Christie sent a special snack home with a little poem for Emma to eat before bed on Monday night.  Unfortunately, it was a sugar snack that added to the already palpable excitement of preschool.  I thought I'd never get her to sleep on Monday.  No matter.  She sprang right out of bed on Tuesday ready to tackle Lunchbox Preparedness with great zeal.

Speaking of the lunchbox, why couldn't I have been the one to come up with this million dollar idea?

Goldfish shaped bread.  It has revolutionized the PB&J and made lunchtime doldrums vanish.  At least for week one.

Now that we get a big girl lunchbox and not just a sectioned plate like in MDO, I get to send notes to my girl.  She can't read yet, so they have to convey the message without letters.  :-)

I've had Emma in training since June so she could sustain the weight of this backpack.  Just kidding.

One very exciting thing about preschool is that you get to take your very own water bottle in the side pocket of your enormous backpack, and you can drink from that bottle any time you want during the day.  This was big.

Two thumbs up for DAY ONE!!!

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