Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Freshman Frenzy

The overhaul of the upstairs continued today. I'm not a big saver, and my great gusto for cleaning and organizing typically has a tendency to throw my kids into a slight panic. However, there was a bit of role reversal today. The boys are excited about their new spaces, and now that they are entering the teenage years, they are ready to let go of toys and games and kid-ish decor. I'm glad we are able to pare down and simplify, but an uncomfortable reality settled over me today. My oldest is going away....and my next two are growing up fast.

Packing for college AND packing away the toy horses and remote control cars may have been a little emotionally ambitious for one day. The "to go" piles are accumulating faster than my courage. While my mind is anxious to see where the Lord takes these precious people next, my heart is longing for things to stay the same.

As usual though, Emma was on hand to provide a little comic relief and minister to my weary heart. She was unpacking just as fast as I was packing, and suddenly every single thing in the donate pile was her most favorite toy EVER. She yanked Noah out of a Noah's ark toy and came bolting toward me yelling, "DO WE HAVE TO RECYCLE JESUS???????"

I'm so glad she's here. I'm glad she still loves toys and that college is a long way off for her. And I'm glad that when she's around the laughter seems to stay one step ahead of the tears. Almost always.

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Theodwyn said...

This totally made me laugh! I love what little kids come up with.