Monday, August 15, 2011

Leaving the Nest


College packing is somewhat like the song "There's a Hole In My Bucket"......

We shopped for two days. Please don't underestimate the power of the word SHOPPED, for I am referring to a trip to the Vintage House, Sams, Kohls (twice), Walmart (three times), Bed Bath and Beyond (three times), Target (twice), and Michaels, all while enjoying the delightfully warm temperatures that Texas has to offer these days and negotiating with a teenager who, as luck would have it, is an expert. On everything.

I've been whipped like a rented circus monkey.

We now are the proud owners of every single item a college student could need, want, dream about, or care to lend to a neighbor. In fact, we probably own two of everything. I'm sure the trunk of the Honda Civic is significantly larger than last time I checked. It's going to need to be.

Hannah is upstairs as I type burning the midnight oil with her friend Melanie and packing up her room. Emma will move to Hannah's room, Hayden will move to Emma's room, my sewing closet will move to the hall closet, and the hall closet treasures will be divided up and dispursed to the far corners of the house. All of this is in progress and happening simultaneously, with the help of two middle schoolers and a toddler. Hello nervous breakdown. I've been expecting you.

The lizard looks increasingly like something that escaped from the Gallapogas Islands, so as of yesterday he has a new cage that I estimate to be close to a thousand gallons. This, of course, necessitated a new piece of furniture for the homeschool room which entailed switching a few things around in there. The legs from my sewing table in the bedroom were needed to assemble said piece of furniture, so a new cabinet was purchased and assembled to replace the table legs that were removed from the sewing area. This gives me additional storage for some of the items relocated from the upstairs closet.

See how it is? The upstairs/downstairs flow?? You're completely following this, yes??

Thank goodness we had to tear apart my bedroom today for those table legs. It was the only spot left with some semblance of order and it was starting to feel terribly out of place. Now that chaos has settled in there as well I have a united theme reigning supreme in this (nut)house.

The good news? I just ate a slice of cold black olive pizza and washed it down with a melted QT slurpee so now I've got my second wind and am ready to tackle the hall closet to make room for board games and sleeping bags. Hayden also casually asked me if I would mind washing his Police Department tee shirt so that he could wear it for the tenth consecutive day. This shouldn't be a problem. I figure between now and 6am I can saturate it with a mixture of sweat and tears and then hang it out to dry.

So, to recap, I have one person moving to college, three people moving to new bedrooms, and a lizard moving to a deluxe herpiquarium. Other than that, not much is happening on my end.

More updates to come....

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