Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening

The theme for this year's homeschool prom was Moonlight On The Mediterranean. I hope Hannah brings home lots of pictures of the actual ballroom. The entrance was staged as a huge cruise ship. The kids entered over a bridge into the reception area, which was filled with various ports of call. Each area was fully decorated like a different country. Seated dinner was served about 7:00. There were pictures, messages in bottles, and of course, lots of dancing.

Parents gathered here for photos and send-off, then many stayed to have munchies and visit. There were a few siblings here too, which made it fun for the whole family. We had five boys swimming out back, and I regret that I didn't get out there with my camera to capture their fun game of water basketball. Max and Hayden had a blast. Israel's little sister, Gracie, was here to play with Emma, which was a big treat for her too. I got a chance to visit with parents that I don't get to talk to often enough, and we all passed around our phones as the kids would send texts and photos with updates from prom.

What. A. Night.

Jeff and I never fail to give thanks for the friends our kids have. We don't underestimate the importance of right relationships, especially in the teen years. I was a little overwhelmed last night by just how richly blessed we have been through the years. The memories and experiences among this group of incredible kids have woven a tapestry elaborately adorned with lessons in friendship, maturity, accountability, perseverance, and the brotherhood of Christ.

Many of these young men and women are at an exciting time in their lives when they are planning their next steps and journeying into new territory. The bonds between these kids profoundly impact who they have become, and where they are going. I believe these relationships will last a lifetime, because I truly believe with all my heart they are a treasure from God. So very much to be thankful for!

ONWARD to the photos! (How many is too many?? I can't stop myself!)

Melanie, Emily, and Hannah with Victoria, the sweet gal who came to do hair and make up for them.

The older these two get, the more alike they become. These two laid back, nature loving girls are on the same wave length and they seem to get each other all the time.

Hannah and Emily have come a long way since Hannah got in big trouble for cutting Emily's hair in the play fort in their back yard when they were tiny! :-) That's the thing about lifelong friendships. ALL the memories last a lifetime. Ha!

I met Alicia's Mom when we were pregnant with these girls. They have grown up together, and have many funny stories to show for it. Hands down, Alicia has the greatest sense of humor and is more fun to tease than anyone I've ever met. She can also knock 'em dead in a red dress!

My girl, wearing her Nana's prom dress. Eighteen years old in just a few takes my breath away.

Oh, how I treasure her!

S-W-O-O-N. A double delight!

With her Oma. Nana is in Kansas visiting GG, so she'll have to enjoy prom night via these pictures, but I wish she could have been here to see Hannah in the dress!

Okay, Zeke's sister is a florist, and she created this almost indescribable work of art for Hannah. The base of this corsage is a bracelet woven from wire, and each of these delicate flowers have tiny pearls nestled in them that perfectly matched the pearl jewelry Hannah wore from each of her grandmothers. The woman is like the Flower Whisperer!! :-)

Elise, flanked by her outrageously dapper brothers, Evan and Everett. Gracious. Gorgeous!

Elise's Dad worked prom. He was a gondolier from Venice! :-) Her Mom was already at prom, so I missed getting a picture of Melinda in her get-up, but you can bet I'll be tracking one of those down on facebook!

Hannah and Zeke.

How I define "stunning".

This was what it took to get all those staircase entryway full of paparazzi!

Poor Emmie wanted nothing more than to be one of the party girls!

I completely love this picture. These were a few of the finely adept couch holder downers. :-) These wise gentlemen let the women sweat it out in the entryway and battle for photos!

Evan and Brianna. His bright blue tux accents looked so great with her black and white dress.

The twins. Hannah and Morgan can't go separate ways even when they try. Last year they wore the exact same color dress to prom. This year, Morgan picked out a purple lace vintage dress even before she knew Hannah was wearing Nana's purple lace dress. Twin telepathy! Of course, both girls show up in pearls and silver shoes too! I love this darling duo!

Israel brought each of the girls an huge pink daisy. Very classy!!

The pink matched Max's shirt perfectly.

All kinds of crazy handsome!!

Ready to roll.

My sweet Buzzard at midnight, ready to head out for the hotel, complete with Pooh tie. They opened the ballroom to parents at 12:30 and at 1:00 there was a senior girl/daddy dance. I'm so thankful for this man who has partnered with me (and put up with me!) for eighteen years to get to this landmark night. One more memory stone as we build a family memorial in thanks to God for the kids (and their friends!) who make our lives so special and complete.


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