Saturday, April 9, 2011

At The Ready!!

I have a bathroom full of beautiful girls.

And make-up...

...and high heels...

...and flat irons and bobby pins.

I see lace, and tulle, and rhinestones, and pearls, and satin.

I hear Taylor Swift music and giggles and lots of talking.

It's prom night, and our house is the getting ready station. Victoria, a stunningly beautiful and extremely talented ballerina from Melanie and Emily's ballet studio, agreed to come and help the girls do what it is that girls do on prom night. :-) Parents will be here at 3:45 for pictures, and are staying after the big farewell for appetizers and fellowship.

I'm predicting I'll be in tears no later than 4:30. Big night!!


Erin said...

How exciting!

Omar said...

Grandma Dittmer can't wait to hear more!! Hurry, hurry :-)