Monday, April 11, 2011

Because More Is Better

One more batch from Hannah's camera, and then I'll consider putting prom behind me!

This is Hannah and Morgan pre-prom, looking pretty.

THIS is the REAL Hannah and Morgan AT prom. Dr. Pepper fanatics!!!!!


The senior women!

With their adored Bible Bowl coach!

This was a living statue at prom. Remember how I said there were several ports of call? This was in Greece. Apparently it moved in slow motion but never said a word and never changed facial expressions. Kind of cool/creepy.

This flower cart was in France. Each young lady at prom got a flower to take home.

Mels and Hannah.

The table scape. Chicken was served for dinner, with cheesecake for dessert.

The Old Buzzard and his lovely dance partner.

Rachel and Hannah were in the same kindergarten class.

Lovely Jacqueline and Sarah.

Israel and Zeke. These two are both quite light on their feet and kept the girls busy on the dance floor. Hooray for boys who love to dance! It is so much more fun for the girls that way!

Sweet friends of our family.

Katie and Mikala both looked stunning.

Such a fun night, and many sweet and happy memories to preserve it! :-)

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