Thursday, April 21, 2011

The House Where Dinos Roar....and Rule

What I am about to tell you is no small something. It is big news.


Not a casual, how-do-you-do affair, mind you, but a deep and abiding love. It all started with a new preschool show called Dino Dan. Actually, it rather started and ended all at once. We watched one episode of Dino Dan, and suddenly our entire world was filled with a prehistoric affection so intense, this house can hardly contain it. We are on an eternal hunt for information about, books on, pictures of, and movies containing dinos. Because we loooooove them.

We play with them, talk about them, and try really hard to learn all their names. The other night I went in to bed, and when I turned down my covers, there was a little pile of them in my side of the bed! I felt very loved that she was willing to share Brachiosaurus and baby T-Rex with me. Paleontology is her new love language.

So, you may have noticed her new Easter basket in my photos yesterday. It was a total stroke of luck. I found it on accident for half off, and knew it was meant to be. It's hard to find dinosaur stuff that is slightly feminine looking. She has been talking a lot about picking out an Easter basket to leave out for the Bunny to fill. I asked her what her dream basket would look like and she told me it would have polka dots and dinosaurs on it. BINGO! All was right in the world for seven seconds while I purchased a most perfect Easter basket.

One that now has a name. "Dumpy." His name is "Dumpy". You know, because you can dump stuff out of him. Like little plastic dinosaurs who love to ride around in Dumpy's tummy. Dumpy went to school today and was a huge hit with the other preschoolers. I have a feeling he will remain quite popular around here long after the plastic eggs have been stowed away and the 5,387 strands of Easter grass have either been vacuumed up or have floated under furniture to take up permanent residence.

But, just to set the record straight, Dumpy is NOT an Easter basket, or a dinosaur bucket. He is a TRICERATOPS. Get it right, people. This is important stuff. Here is Dumpy and Em's, on their way to school this morning.


Susie Rosso Wolf said...

cute cute cute!!!


Eris said...

Aw that is so cute! I love the name dumpy that is perfect.


hapi said...

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