Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Sizzle

Summer has arrived in Texas. There is no doubt. Over the years, in my never ending quest to find "the simple life" and to streamline daily tasks, I have taken several breaks from this blog space, but it never takes long for this space to beckon. It is true that computer time can get out of hand, and that updating the blog takes time that could be devoted to a family activity. But it is also true that this space serves as a record of our daily lives. Lives full of moments that are passing very quickly, and without a reference point to capture them, I'm so afraid I will forget.

I want to remember every single thing about summer....about how the boys and Emma and I just spent a wonderful week making memories while Hannah and Buzzard took a road trip together. I want to remember having friends here to splash in our pool, and Emma learning to hold her breath and swim under water, and making a late night run to Target for snow cone syrup because the boys were begging for a special treat. These simple things are worth remembering, and are worth the time and effort to document. So, I'll have to find some other corner to cut or activity to sacrifice, because I miss my blog.

Maybe I'll do less laundry. :-) There's always that hope.

Life goes quickly, and it is full of unexpected turns. In certain seasons, I am painfully aware of how precious memories are, and how suddenly the opportunity to make them can be gone. In these tender times of reflection, I find the smallest of things for which to give mighty thanks.

Like cherry snowcones in summertime, and a place to write about how good they are. Because life is all about finding the space to remember the simple things.

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