Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fancy Feet

I saw this pattern in Family Fun magazine and couldn't resist.

I made them partly because I knew she would enjoy wearing them to our homeschool egg hunt today, and partly because no matter how old I get, there's just something nostalgic about a really good toddler craft. :-) I will forever have a soft spot for age 3.

We met at the park with several other homeschool families today to play, have snacks, and hunt eggs. The kids had a blast, but the weather was crazy cold. It was 62 degrees and windy, which seemed annoying after the beautiful, warm spring we've been having.

The older kids did a great job of letting Emma claim some of her own egg "turf". She doesn't move very fast. She wants to pick up one egg and admire it at length, which pretty much diminishes her chances of getting to the next egg before seven other kids descend upon it. But the kids were extremely sensitive and generous about allowing her to have a few that were off limits to everyone else. Their manners really impressed me! She ended up with a tidy little sum in her basket.

Of course, an Easter party is no Easter party without a significant sugar consumption, so I allowed the kids to enjoy a few more treats than normal.

Is this the most precious look of utter delight? Can you tell she doesn't get candy very often? I'd like to say this is the innocence of childhood, but I feel like I still get this look on my face when I see good chocolate!

She has another egg hunt at mother's day out tomorrow. Guess who will recycle all the eggs we hunted today? Brilliant. And thrifty. :-) She'll never know the difference, but this is probably the last year I'll be able to get away with that. She's getting pretty clever. And she has two older brothers who rat me out! Ha!

We had a happy day with our hoppy feet. :-)

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Nadia said...

Lovely Bunny Shoes!