Thursday, January 6, 2011

Morgan's Quilt

Hannah and Morgan have been good friends for a number of years. Morgan is a kindred spirit; she has a younger brother close in age to Max, and a beautiful little sister from China. Morgan and Hannah have the same interests, the same taste, the same sense of humor, and a common faith. It is a treasured friendship, for sure.

When I finished making my nephew's orange and white quilt I had several scraps left. I told my Mom I was thinking about pairing them with an aqua fabric and she squished up her nose. Now, I never went through rebellion in my teenage years, but I'm such a quilting rebel. :-) I'm working through all those lost opportunities from my youth - ha! It only takes being told something won't work to convince me to try it anyways, so I was determined to pair my bright orange with soft aqua. (I guess I'll never outgrow the strong need to prove my mother wrong. If only because I can hardly ever seem to pull it off!!)

I completely love the colors! (Mom does too. I totally knew it.)

As this quilt was coming together, Hannah and I knew without a doubt that it had to be for Morgan. The bright colors, contemporary design, and overall funky feel of this quilt completely match her vibrant personality. I learned a new skill while machine quilting this one. I did a freeform pattern of big, loopy flowers, and it was tons of fun. I embroidered over one of the flowers on the back of the quilt to create a label.

The verse for this quilt is Psalm 25:4..."Show me your ways, oh Lord, teach me your paths."

This quilt is in honor of Morgan's 18th birthday. Something from my heart for one my heart truly adores! I hope she'll have fun snuggling under this while studying hard at college!


Milo said...

You are SO sweet! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my quilt!!! By the way, orange and aqua are my favorite color combination! I will cherish it for always!


Theodwyn said...

This turned out so pretty! And it couldn't be for a sweeter girl either!