Sunday, December 12, 2010


Tonight was the final performance of the Christmas production. Six shows in four days. Phew. It was an amazing experience for Hayden, and I'm glad I could be part of it with him. It is my understanding that 40,000 people attended in total. Praise God for the spread of the Gospel! My favorite part was getting to know the 16 boys in my room, and feeling part of the camaraderie between them.

There was a spirit of beauty in the church this week; a joy and cooperation that felt very festive. This is Hayden with one of the angels who flew through the sanctuary in a harness anchored to the ceiling. She had a train on her dress that was several long that flowed behind her when she flew. She stayed out in the foyer to pose for pictures after performances.

This jolly gent "flew" in too. His entire sleigh was anchored to a track on the ceiling. It was quite a sight!''

Sunday night Hannah attended a wedding with a very good friend whose brother got married. She looked so beautiful in her new dress. I wouldn't let her go to bed when she got home until she posed for a few pictures. :-)

The bride's colors were peacock colors, and she used peacock feathers as accents in her bridesmaid's hair, and also to decorate the tables. I thought that was so clever! Hannah got to bring a centerpiece home to show me. The mother of the groom wore a deep blue jacket. I think these deep, rich colors were perfect for a holiday wedding. Very artistic!

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Erin said...

Hannah looks so beautiful! LOVE the dress!