Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!!!

Today, Santa came to visit our local quilt shop. This is soooooo much better than the mall! :-) The kids get to snuggle with Santa as long as they want, and parents can take lots of photos for free. Milk and homemade cookies were served too. And EVERYONE knows that quilting Santas are the BEST kind!

She asked Santa for a teddy bear.

Together they decided she would name a new bear Rudolph and call him "Rudy" for short. They made big plans, these two!

After we tucked candy canes from Santa safely in our pockets, we went outside to visit "Blessing", the horse. Riding Blessing is always a highlight of visiting the quilt shop.

You better giddy up, Cowgirl; you got a daddy on your tail!

Sissy and Morgan came to see Santa too.

The sweater Emma wore today was her Christmas dress when she was a year old. This year, it is her Christmas shirt! :-)
I'm so glad we went this morning. I've been so busy with the Christmas production at church that I have not had much time with my family. Emma colored a picture and took it with her to give to Santa, and climbed immediately into his lap. I was so pleased! It was a merry, merry moment!


Sandy said...

Wait until she figures out you can put money in that horse and make it go! I can't believe you have kept that from her for so long!
I love the pictures. You got some great ones.

krizza said...

Oh my! Your daughter is really adorable! She looks like an angel..
My first time to visit your page. You have a lot of interesting posts that I so love to read. Coz I'm a mommy too.
I'm your follower now.