Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Santa Express

Every year my mother's neighbor, who is a miniature train enthusiast, graciously opens his yard to the public to come enjoy his spectacular display. Over the years, he has collected over a hundred thousand pounds of food for our local food bank, as he "charges" canned food as admission. Last night was opening night, and only the neighbors were invited. They served hot cider and cocoa and big platters of cookies. They also invited a very special guest to come and see the children!

I could hardly believe that Emma ran right to him with her arms open wide. This is the second Santa we have seen and she told both of them she wants a teddy bear. I'm wondering if I need to go trade in the doll I bought for her??

There is no way my limited photography skills can capture the stunning feat of these trains! His entire yard is covered in track and miniature buildings. He has constructed an entire town!!! Some of the trains light up and make Christmas music. The center of the town is a koi pond, and multi-level track completely surrounds the pond. He is an amazingly talented man with a fascinating hobby, and every year I am in awe by how generously he shares it with everyone in the city!

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