Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaving. On A Jet Plane.

I've been humming Peter, Paul and Mary all day. :-)

Hannah and I are taking off on a little adventure. We are headed EAST in search of fall color, a college visit, and some one-on-one girl time.

Pray for the Buzzard. That would be the Buzzard in charge of three kids, a dog, a cat, a bird, a mouse, and all the activities (and messes!) they generate in this house. Oh, that good man. I went to the Walmarts today and stocked the pantry for him. Of course, I ran into a friend and had to explain why my cart looked like a frat boy had filled it. I felt obligated to buy all the things that are fun to eat when mom is away.....a.k.a......foods they will actually prepare and use. Frozen pizzas, waffles, macaroni, one of every kind of cereal that Kellogs can imagine. A veritable fanfare of healthfoods. Ha!

We're taking a computer with us so hopefully I will get to blog from the road. I've got my little file ready with printed boarding passes, hotel confirmation numbers, maps, and activity lists. But still, I have an odd feeling of being ill prepared. I'm never fully ready for our family to be separated. It makes me anxious. How silly to think that when we are together I am somehow more in control of keeping us all safe and protected. God's hand is upon us, as always, and I pray the coming days bring fun memories for our kids of special time spent with one parent.

So, I'm off to bed so I can lie awake and repack my suitcase in my head a million times over, wondering what I've forgotten. Does anyone else do that? I'm also going to give thanks for these sweet faces that I will miss so much. I'm posting these pictures so I can pull them up and look at them this week. :-)

If you need me, I'll be east. If you need Buzzard, he'll be scrambling eggs, looking for baseball uniform components, and trying to figure out where I hide the extra pacifiers.

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