Saturday, November 6, 2010

And then it snowed!

SNOW! We have snow on our trip! Of course, it took Buzzard calling me from Texas this morning and telling me to look out the window for me to figure out it was snowing. :-) We hadn't even opened our drapes in the hotel room yet!

No time to download pictures this morning, as we are headed outside to play in the snow instead!
Today we are headed to Jonesborough, Tennessee; the oldest town in Tennessee. We are stopping at a covered bridge along the way for photos, and I'm hoping there will still be flurries in the air when we get there.

Yesterday we did a college tour, and last night shopped in a sweet local toy shop for souvenirs to take home to the kids. The shop owner was a precious woman who held the store open late for us while we played with all the toys. She and Hannah and I played with robotic bugs, built sculptures out of putty, and cuddled Lee Middleton babydolls. It was a sweet, local spot and it was lots of fun. Afterwards, we went out for some outstanding Mexican food, where we struck up a conversation with the couple at the next table who ended up giving us their names and phone numbers. People here are so friendly and easy to get to know!

We ended the night with a trip to the market to pick up Dr. Pepper (hers), sweet tea (mine), and a package of Cadbury chocolates. We came back to the hotel, crawled under the covers with our goodies, and called up an episode of Reba on Hannah's laptop.

AND THEN WE WOKE UP TO SNOW! Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. - We're staying in a bed and breakfast tonight. Hoping they have wi-fi but guessing maybe not, so we'll see about posting tonight. We may have to see if the oldest town in Tennessee has a new Starbucks with wi-fi! :-)

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