Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Old, Older, Oldest!

Whew. I found the sketchbook. I know you've been on pins and needles. Rest assured, all my good ideas are back where the belong; tucked in a nook next to my computer. The next thing I'm on the hunt for is TIME to initiate a few of those projects I've been jotting down!

This weekend we were up at the farm for our October family birthday celebration, and it was good fun. Oma and I took Emmie on a ride in the golf cart to visit Nana's scarecrow. She was super fidgety on the bench and wouldn't look at the camera for me. Turns out, it was because I set her in a pile of fire ants! Poor baby! She started screaming about two seconds after I snapped this. Papa treats ants constantly and keeps their property neat as a pin, but those piles spring up quickly!

Scooter had a fun kite staked to the ground. Cars were slowing down at the road to get a better look. This picture doesn't depict size very well, but this was a HUGE kite.

The October babies....my nephew Aaron turned 16, me, and the twins, who were 13 on Halloween. My sister in law now officially has three teenagers!

Hannah and her favorite Auntie.

H&W. Double Trouble. :-) I still remember the night they were born. My sister in law's water broke while she was at the door passing out candy on Halloween and an ambulance came to get her. Nana and Papa were out of town for a family wedding. Hannah and I met Papa John and Aunt Sarah at the hospital in our costumes to greet the new babies. What a night!

Aaron liked his quilt.

So much so, that he was very excited to pose for me. (not.) Good times for October babies!

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