Saturday, September 4, 2010


Tonight our friend Emily celebrated her 15th birthday, and we were invited to take part in the fun. Marci prepared a wonderful Italian meal that was delicious.

Marci's nephew (who is Emma's very special - and exceedingly handsome - friend) didn't think much of Emily blowing out all the candles. So, he got his own candle. I do believe the crowd cheered louder for him than they did the actual birthday girl. Sorry, Emily. That's the downside to being 15. You can't compete with a cute two year old when it comes to spitting on fire. :)
Emily was very gracious about the little helper who was rather insistent about helping with the presents. We laughed because Emily got lots of good girlie stuff....a manicure set and funky shoes and a pretty perfume bottle. She would open a gift and all the girls would ooooohhhh, and the boys would just lean in and scrunch their noses and ask, "What is that??"

Happy Birthday, Emily. We wish you many more. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day!

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