Friday, September 3, 2010

Now That's A Load of Fluff

Emma was overtired yesterday, but she refused to take a nap. First, she climbed out of the crib. We are well aware that we are operating on borrowed time around here. The child is nearly three years old and still sleeping in a crib. We are completely amazed that she stays in there, and realize that our days are numbered. But, it makes life so easy! She loves being in her little bed, and as long as we put her to sleep with books, she sits in there happily when she wakes up and plays for a while before she calls to us to come get her. Staying in bed is one battle we don't have to fight (so far) and life is good! But yesterday she came toddling to the top of the stairs and called to me from the balcony. I immediately deposited her back in bed, wondering if the novelty of crawling out would become a constant reality, but it didn't. She stayed!

But she didn't sleep. Because she was busy. Busy unstuffing her pillow. This is what I found when I went to retrieve my little crib monkey after listening to her chatter happily for over an hour.

She absolutely knew it was wrong, because she was trying to hide in her bed!

She stuffed the hamper...

...and the little crack between the wall and the bed.

She's a clever one! I'm just glad this is the most trouble she's thought to get in from her crib. Who knows what she'll think up when she has the freedom of getting out of a big girl bed? Maybe it will be a long, long time before we have to find out. How long can we keep a grade schooler in a crib, anyway?? :)

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Sandy said...

You have been very lucky that she has never really entered the "terrible twos" stage....until now. She is just going to pack a year's worth of it into 4 months! I think we need to fasten our seatbelts! Its a good thing she is so darn cute, and so very loved.