Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bible Bowl Senior Tea

I think the tea today was a big success. We honored three senior girls who will graduate in the next few weeks. My friend collected mismatched teacups that we used for party favors. I made name tags for each girl, then filled the cup with colored tissues and a rose shaped soap.

I gathered a few cups together in several groupings throughout the house. The girls had to hunt around to find their cup.

My Mom brought over her antique lace doily collection, so I used her lovely lace and one of my rabbits in each of the groupings.

Two of my friends were in charge of the memory table. They set up three photo trees loaded with Bible Bowl photos from years gone by. I set up a chair so people could sit and look. Also, each senior had a matted portrait, signed by all the Bible Bowl players and their families.

This was the food table. It was a collaborative effort.

We served chicken salad croissants, pimento cheese sandwiches, mini quiche, a veggie tray, tortilla roll ups, cheesecake squares, cream puffs, brownie bites, and macaroons. It was all delicious, and the table really looked nice.

This was the drink station. We had pink lemonade and lemon sweet tea.

Several of the younger girls sang a song to the graduates. A former player also put together an amazing slide show for us to watch. These girls have collected a treasure of memories through the years!

(I hang my tissue paper "puffs" from the upstairs balcony. There is a tutorial on for how to make them. I think they are really cute, and I'm thinking about hanging them in Emma's room.)

Emma slept through most of the tea. I was glad she woke up at the end so she could come see everyone.

The three seniors opened a few cards and gifts.

Samantha, Miranda, and Breanna. Aren't they darling?

This was our group shot, minus poor Beverly, who got stuck in the corner with all the cameras! I'm in the verrrrry back row, wearing a white tee shirt.

And the sillies.
Our seniors with their Moms.

Fun Moms.

Doting Moms.

Emma was delighted that Hai Leigh came to the tea. At one point Hai Leigh came up to me and said, "She will not give me a single moment's rest!"

Sorry, Hai Leigh. You're sweet and she adores you. What can I say?

I truly love these girls. It is an honor and a joy to create opportunities for them to be together.

A very good day!


Erin said...

Everything looks beautiful! LOVE the teacup gift idea! Blessings on you for making such sweet, sweet memories for those families.

Theodwyn said...

You are so incredibly creative and such an awesome hostess. Beautiful!