Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Little List of Little Things

1. Emma's flower beds are now completed. Buzzard and the boys sprinkled fresh cedar bark for me today, and now they smell (and look) fantastic. When we were at Home Depot buying flowers the other day we saw this cute little Blue Bird garden stake. The boys bought it for me today as a little surprise and had it waiting in the garden when we came out to admire the bark.

Guess who LOVES the new blue bird?? Enough to give it kisses...

I have trouble enough luring her inside from the out of doors. Now we have one more reason to shed tears when it is time to go inside.

....and to stand at the threshold of the front door and sing lyrics from Bye Bye Birdie.

2. Look what I found at Sam's yesterday for only $12! The fern is actually in a separate little pot, so I can change the flowers out with the seasons. Cute!

3. My Clematis is blooming. I planted this vine seven years ago. It should have overtaken the entire fence by now, but thanks to my Black Thumb of Death, its growth is severely stunted. It is one small stem that climbs frailly up the trellis every year, but never fails to deliver spectacular blooms.
4. Today was opening day! We put our new uniform on at 9:15 to be "ready in time" for our 4:00 game. There was a 90% chance of rain in our forecast. I went ahead and made mental plans for 3:30, knowing a rain out was inevitable. Not one drop fell from the sky. Not only that, but at precisely 4:00 there was a cool and gentle breeze and the sun was shining full boar! I think, between you and me, that God loves Texas baseball. :-)

5. I'm hosting a party tomorrow in honor of three senior Bible Bowl girls. I've been a busy bee today getting things ready and in order. I made these little name tags as part of the party favors. If I get too much ready today, I'm afraid the cat and the kids will have it all torn apart by tomorrow. If I wait to do too much tomorrow, I'm afraid I'll run out of time and get stressed. It's a delicate balance I like to call the trauma of the tea. I'm dreadfully behind around the house, a fact that can be verified by the fact that my Easter decorations are still here in full force. So, I decided to make rabbits the theme of the tea party. That way, my despicable laziness is parlayed into something resembling creativity and whimsy. I really know how to fake my way through a tea party. :-)

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