Friday, April 16, 2010

Christopher's Quilt

Emmy is going to a birthday party this weekend for a special friend. Her buddy, Christopher, is turning two and we're taking him this nap quilt made with fabrics from the Wild Thyme line.

I'm actually working on a second quilt with these same fabrics. The colors are a complete change from what I normally choose to work with, but I'm really drawn to them. The retro theme reminds me of The Partridge Family, and since Christopher's Mom is a David Cassidy fan, I embroidered a "partridge" (kind of!) on the back of the quilt with Christopher's monogram for the label.

His verse for this quilt is Psalm 90:14...

"Sing for joy and be glad all your days."

Quick and small projects like this are so much fun because the results are fast and that feels satisfying. I can't wait to see Christopher with his new quilt!

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