Saturday, April 17, 2010

Threads of Hope

Today I had the honor of joining with my friends Neeta and Joleah to host a tea benefiting an amazing ministry called Threads of Hope.

Threads of Hope is a non-profit organization benefiting fifty families in Lima, Peru. Through the sale of amazingly beautiful handcrafted items, women's lives are being radically transformed. Physical and spiritual needs are being met; homes are built, children are educated, dreams are realized, and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ is poured out on a precious village of beautiful women.

Their handwork is stunning. Tiny, vibrant scraps of fabric skillfully crafted into mesmerizing scenes. Look at Jesus as the Good Shepherd...

Moses in the basket...
A bustling village...
...and Jesus with all the little children. (Love this one!!)

Each scene is so intricate and detailed. They are so much fun to stare at!

Every three dimensional basket used in the pieces is hand woven. Incredible!

The colorful flower gardens are crafted from itty bitty shreds of lycra fabric.

This is Joleah, me, Cindy, and Neeta. Cindy is the representative for Threads of Hope who generously donates her time and talents to make this ministry happen. Her dedication and commitment are extraordinary, and it is thanks to her gracious outpouring that so many lives in Peru have been touched.

Joleah and Neeta are also my neighbors. I'm incredibly fortunate to live where I do because we love our neighbors so much!

Neeta owns her own business and allowed us to use her space to host this event. We set up a breakfast reception for the guests.

I had a great time, and met some awesome women who came to shop and visit. I felt an immediate connection with Cindy, and will definitely take part in future opportunities to be part of the Threads of Hope story.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry or seeing these gorgeous textiles for yourself, I invite you to visit their web site. Also, a special thanks to my sweet friends and family who came to see me today. Thank you for always supporting me!

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