Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Old Glory" Quilt

I've been scarce around these parts lately. I've been a little down.

I miss my dog.

There. I said it. I feel selfish for admitting it because I do understand that compared to very real and trying circumstances that people all around me deal with on a daily basis, this just can't compare. But my house is oddly still, and something is definitely missing. It was two weeks ago today. My heart just hasn't felt much like writing.

On a brighter note, Mindy has been a wonderful little pet. She has always been a good dog, but not terribly bright, and I've never bonded with her on the same level that I did with Morgan. I had to take Mindy to the vet last week because we thought she was very sick. Turns out, the vet thought she was just depressed and was adjusting to life without Morgan. She has slowly perked back up, and she is more affectionate and loving than ever. It's been very sweet, and so the transition to being the only dog has had a very positive effect on our relationship.

So many people have asked if we are going to get another dog, and the answer is no. Honestly, being away from home was so hard with two dogs, especially as Morgan was older. Also, the thought of caring for a new dog and a toddler is too much for my feeble mind and frayed nerves! Our household is just too busy to add the commitment of a new dog, and even though some parts of that make me sad, there is a part of me that feels relief too. I have visions of Emma picking out her own dog when she starts first or second grade -- a buddy who can curl up with her to read and do school. We'll see. :-) That future dog will have some really big shoes (paws) to fill. In the meantime, we will enjoy showering Mindy with extra love.

I also want to say many thanks for all the sweet comments and well wishes. Your kind words meant a lot and were very appreciated.

So, onward....

Over the next few days I want to share some quilts that I have recently completed. This first one is from a quilt kit that I bought over twelve years ago. It was supposed to be a table topper, but it finished at 60" square, so I decided to quilt and bind it rather than use it as a table cloth.

I will never forget the day I bought this kit. Max was a tiny baby, and I took him to an adorable old house that had been converted to a quilt shop. The owner, a grandma herself, instantly swept Max into her arms to cuddle him while I shopped. Money was tight and I didn't have much time to sew with a brand new baby in the house. Well, Max had a MAJOR diaper catastrophe and it leaked all over the shop owner. She never missed a beat. She just reassured me and took him in the kitchen to help get him (and herself!) all cleaned up. I, of course, was mortified. I ended up buying this kit, because I certainly wasn't going to leave her store after all that without a purchase! Sure enough, I didn't make time to work on it much. Then, I goofed up on the pinwheels, so the project got set aside.

For a decade. :-)

I rescued it from a pile of UFO's (unfinished objects, for those not fluent in quilt-ese) because the colors will work great in our family room. Usually when we entertain I throw a big towel over our coffee table so we can use it to serve food. Now I can use this quilt instead of an ugly towel! I purchased new fabrics for the pinwheels. The original ones, which I ruined, were an orange-red. I like this dark red with the blues much better. A few of the fabrics are actually home dec fabrics, which are very stiff and hard to quilt with, but the end result is a heavy, warm quilt.

I didn't have enough backing fabric, so I added a strip of blue for fun.

It is machine quilted with a tight stippling pattern and warm and natural batting.

My show dog. :-) She is the Vanna White of my quilt world.

The verse for this quilt is Psalm 19:1

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands."

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