Saturday, January 23, 2010

See My Saturday

Today is a Simple Saturday. I've waited a long time for one of these. I'm going to fill the day with whatever I want. I thought it would be fun to photo journal the day. I really don't have a grand plan, but whatever happens today I'll capture it in pictures and sit down at the computer throughout the day to post. Here's how we're rolling so far.....

Max and Buzzard are off working on an Eagle Scout project for a boy in our troop. Dads are not allowed to help - only to supervise. So, last I heard from Buzz, he was overseeing the table saw. You have to be fourteen to use power tools, so Max and some other boys his age were assigned to measuring, and so far so good. Buzzard said the temperature is dropping, but that the crew of kids who showed up to work is an outstanding group of guys. A muckity-muck from the local BSA has already made an appearance to make sure things are going according to plan. The boys are installing shelving and storage at a church.

I've got a project working too. Hooray!!

And before the little one was even out of bed I used up a spool of thread. A little spool doll was just the thing to surprise her with this morning, and I have high hopes that Miss Spool will provide much entertainment for busy little hands while I continue to stitch the day away.

An egg in a (heart shaped) hole sizzling away on the stove for someone that I heart. Oh yummmmmm.

Here are the elements of my morning that I could not capture on film....the sound of my nature CD gently filling the air with soothing music, the warm glow of the rising sun sifting through the kitchen windows, the smell of coffee brewing and the taste of my new creme brulee creamer, my warm dog curled up next to my foot, the steady hum of my sewing machine, and the feel of tiny little fabric squares passing through my fingers.

Children have drifted down the stairs by now and our day is in full swing. Gone are the peace, and the dawn, and the delicious egg. All quickly replaced by movement and questions and phone calls and the drone of a Saturday morning cartoon. We'll see what happens next and where we go from here.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love this idea...and I love your Saturday (so far!)


I've got a little crafty project I'm going to work on in a little while. It involves sewing and a Simplicity pattern that I'm beginning to think is a misnomer. Simplicity? Um, not for this sewing challenged girl! (I'll post it when I finish! Wish me luck!)