Saturday, January 23, 2010

See My Saturday Afternoon...

Play time in the tub with lots and lots of toys.

Fresh blueberries for lunch. Our VERY favorite, and on sale at the Walmarts this week!

Eating them up two at a time while our friends look on...

Served with a whole wheat wrap on a left over "Ho-Ho plate". This is a VERY big deal.

Daddy checks in to change in to warmer clothes. It is raining now, and quite cool. The report is that the scouts are working hard and making progress, and Buzz is headed back for the afternoon shift.

I'm keeping my eye on e-mail as our dinner plans firm up with our supper club tonight. Looks like we're headed to an authentic dumpling house for dim sum in the hip and trendy part of town. That means the end is in sight for my black sweat pants and beloved slippers.

Until then, Emma is down for a nap, Hannah has headed to the couch with blanket and movie in hand, Hayden is foraging for food, and I'm blissfully content behind my little machine!

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