Friday, January 22, 2010

TGIF With Whipped Cream On Top

This morning I made coffee cake for breakfast as a special treat. I started the recipe without checking to make sure I had all the proper ingredients on hand. Apparently, there was a milk craze here late last night because last I checked we were at half a gallon, but this morning there was only an empty jug in the recycle bin. So, I grabbed a quart of cream from the back of the fridge. I bought it some time ago for a recipe that never got made, and as luck would have it, it expires tomorrow. So I used it in the coffee cake.

And it was delicious.

And that inspired me to brew a pot of coffee. Because there was warm coffee cake on hand, and some left over cream that I was pressed to finish before it expired at midnight. Coffee, with real cream, and cake for breakfast. Because it' know...Friday.

A very yummy Friday, in fact. And I now declare tomorrow "Slim Saturday" as retribution. Grapefruit for breakfast, maybe. Makes me wish every day could be Friday........

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